Kitchen Remodeling in Bridgeport West Virginia

Kitchen Renovation Contractors in Harrison County

FKC takes care of kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling & other renovations. Based in Fairmont West Virginia, our company is happy to provide a full estimate, along with notes and specifications concerning what will be provided for the project. You can also enlist our aid in home or business woodworking from scratch.

Kitchen Design Contractors in Bridgeport

Do you have an older home that needs updating? Whether you plan on staying in the home or selling it, we can help you upgrade wherever it’s needed. Most homes only need updates in the kitchen & bathroom , but windows, flooring, cabinets, woodwork There are many unpleasant surprises that can arise in the renovation process, and we know how to ensure you avoid them.

Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Bridgeport WV

When our customers are interested in updating their kitchen or bathroom, we help by providing custom service based on the current property. As with our other construction work, we work with both homeowners & light commercial clients. You can get a full, detailed estimate from one of our representatives, which includes installation of cabinets, plumbing, fixtures, & more. We also work with electricians, contractors, & plumbers that we know and trust. Our services are generally local to the area, making them easy to manage & follow.