Are you suffering from a lack of kitchen storage in a small kitchen? Changing the size of your kitchen may not be easy depending on which walls support the property and your budget for a complete kitchen overhaul.

As reliable kitchen remodelers in Fairmont, WV, we know ways to help anyone feel more satisfied with their kitchen without knocking down walls. Instead, try these six tips for maximizing space in a small kitchen and see which of these work for you. You can also combine ideas or use several of them at once!

#1. Declutter Your Cabinets

Sometimes, you may have more space than you think, but you have lots of pots and pans sitting unorganized in your cabinet space. Pan handles, unstacked Tupperware, and wayward dishes could be taking up more room than needed. You might even have old cookware you don’t use anymore, taking up space you could use for items you actually need. Remove or reorganize your belongings to give yourself more space.

#2. Add Open Shelving

An open space on your kitchen wall could be free real estate for more items. An open shelving project can be as simple as installing polished wood, glass, or another material onto supporting shelf brackets. If you want to add more style to it, you can even add hooks under the base for mugs and other safe items with handles.

#3. Store Knives on the Walls

This solution may not be the safest for households with pets, children, or physical health disorders that cause unsteady movement. Otherwise, you can install a magnetic strip as a mounted knife holder. 

The knives will stick to the strip, so you won’t need the knife block anymore. This idea frees up countertop space you can either use for other items or to reduce the clutter in your kitchen. Your knives can also add to the design of your kitchen, looking more modern and professional.

#4. Try Pegboard Storage

You sometimes need to get creative when maximizing space in a small kitchen. One increasing trend includes using a pegboard wall to store heavier kitchen items while maintaining a relatively flat surface. 

If you don’t feel sure about storing knives there for a safe kitchen, you can instead use pots, pans, cutting boards, and other utensils with handles. Moreover, since you can move the hooks on the pegboard around, you can customize the placement for any future cookware you buy.

#5. Use Floating Shelves

What if you don’t have any more available wall space, but you do have space above an island or countertop? In that case, you can install floating shelves to add more open-air storage space to your kitchen. Even large kitchens use them to stylize their space with chic metal or wood float supports.

Floating shelves attach to the ceiling instead of the wall, with brackets to support flat surfaces, drying racks, and other utilities. Many modern bars use a floating shelf to dry glasses while adding to the design of the space. You can also store plates, bowls, and other cookware on the shelves if using sturdy materials for the base.

You can also attach floating shelves to the bottoms of your wall cabinets. They may not support as much as a full floating shelf, but you can use them to store spices, mugs, and other smaller kitchen items.

#6. Try Lazy Susans and Alternatives

You may want more hidden storage solutions than the ones thus far. You can try maximizing space in a small kitchen by optimizing the inside of your cabinets. Blind corner extensions, lazy Susans, and other related products can give you more space inside your cabinets.

Lazy Susans refer to spinning mechanisms that allow you to view several items just by turning them. Many lazy Susans come with several bases and levels, increasing the amount of storage you have. Smaller versions work well in wall cabinets to store more spices and seasonings, while larger versions can house pots and pans with ease.

Your kitchen may also have a blind corner, or space you usually cannot access because it sits partially behind the cabinet perpendicular to it. An extendable shelf can make accessing and storing kitchen appliances in the blind corner much easier.

Build a Better Kitchen With Us

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