The kitchen is the heart of your home. As such, the kitchen is one space where you should bring your personality and taste to the forefront. One affordable way to do this involves giving your kitchen cabinets a fresh layer of color.

The cabinet color in your kitchen has a huge influence on your kitchen’s overall style and atmosphere. So you have to think long and hard about the colors you choose. Not sure where to begin?

Come along with your premier kitchen remodelers in Fairmont, WV, as we explore kitchen cabinet color trends of 2024. Let’s get your creativity flowing!

Rich Browns

A look at the trending 2024 kitchen cabinet colors shows that many homeowners are now tilting toward the alluring look of dark-toned wood. Few kitchen cabinet colors nail that look better than true rich brown. Painting your cabinets rich brown is an excellent way to add more dimension and some depth to your kitchen.

The color will mix nicely with your cool-colored backsplash, brass hardware, and light-colored marble counters.

Warm Taupe and Beige

Perhaps the biggest talking point in any discussion about kitchen cabinet color trends of 2024 and trending cabinet finishes is the disappearance of all-white, cool-toned kitchens.

More homeowners have started to dump such formerly popular kitchen color schemes and vanilla designs and now embrace warm and inviting colors like warm taupe, beige, and greige (a modern blend of grey and beige).

Painting your cabinets in these colors will make them an excellent foil for darker floor themes, onyx countertops, and dark, contrasting walls. If you’ve been thinking about going for a dual-tone look in your kitchen, these color pairings make excellent choices you can start your kitchen upgrade with.

The Stained Natural Wood Look

Dark-brown natural wood cabinets are back in vogue! They became a popular fixture in standard, more traditional kitchen designs two to three decades ago. However, the wave of minimalism that swept through the interior design world relegated it to the background as white-themed kitchens took over.

Today, as all-white kitchens begin to fall out of favor, more people are going back to cozier aesthetics. That explains why we now see more people choosing the dark-brown natural wood look for their kitchen cabinets.

Baby Blue

Do you want to make your kitchen more welcoming and soothing? You should consider painting your cabinet in baby blue. It’s one of the most popular entrants to the kitchen cabinet color trends of 2024.

You should consider painting your cabinets in this color if you have white marble counters, colorful backsplashes, or matte black hardware. It’s the perfect cabinet color if you want that vintage or Mediterranean look in your kitchen.

Timeless Black

Modern cabinet color trends show that the contemporary and minimalistic look hasn’t disappeared completely. Lovers of this style have turned to the timeless look of black. Painting your cabinet black is an excellent way to add more weight and depth to the room.

The rich look of black also brings corrective properties to your design. First, you can use black to give your mismatched cabinets some cohesion. Secondly, painting your cabinets black offers an excellent way to blend out more exuberant colors on your walls, backsplash, etc.

Two-toned kitchen enthusiasts have taken things a step further by pairing black and white. Having black cabinets on one side and white cabinets on the other side definitely creates a timeless look.

For smaller kitchens, painting the top cabinets white and the bottom cabinets black is an excellent way to make the kitchen feel airy.

Warm Undertones

Do you want your kitchen to look more welcoming and more vibrant? The kitchen cabinet color trends of 2024 suggest going for cabinet colors that have red and orange undertones. These colors perfectly complement quartz countertops, subway tile backsplashes, and more.

Are you looking for an affordable way to bring warmth to your all-white kitchen without revamping the entire space? Paint your cabinets in warm colors like red and orange, and you’ll increase the temperature of your kitchen’s ambiance by a few degrees.

Warm White

Warm white remains a trending kitchen cabinet paint color that works well for people who want to retain the clean, clutter-free look of white without going the whole nine yards. Warm white shades like ivory, beige, and eggshell give your kitchen that homey and inviting look.

These warmer white colors blend in nicely with other elements of your kitchen’s décor, ranging from countertops and backsplashes to stainless steel appliances and other decorative colors.

Navy Blue

Do you want a pop of color in your kitchen without drastically changing the refined look of your space? You can’t go wrong with navy blue. Few colors can live up to navy blue in terms of how it combines timelessness, sophistication, and elegance. It’s no surprise that it ranks high among the current color trends for cabinets.

Navy blue kitchen cabinets also look great around natural textures such as metal, brass, and wood. The color works well for all kinds of kitchen designs, including minimalist options.

Deep Blue

The kitchen cabinet color trends of 2024 show that more people are choosing to bring the outdoors into their homes. What better way to do it than with the oceanic look of deep blue? With this cabinet color, you can strike the perfect balance between comfort and mystery.

If you seek a color that feels warm and inviting and also acts as a head turner, you can’t go wrong with the look of dark blue. It’s also easy to accessorize this color. For example, you can use gold cabinet hardware to create that perfect sense of elegance.

Dark Green

You probably didn’t think about dark green when considering stylish kitchen cabinetry hues you can go with. However, the kitchen cabinet color trends of 2024 show a surge in dark green as more people continue to make the shift toward incorporating more earthy tones.

Dark green is a fantastic color to choose if you want to add some depth to your kitchen without any drop in sophistication.

One exceptional thing about this kitchen cabinet color stems from the availability of various shades you can choose from. You can find different shades of dark green, including forest green, hunter green, and sage. Each of these shades will blend in perfectly with colorful backsplashes, light-colored marble counters, and other types of minimalistic kitchen designs.

Bold and Vibrant Corals

Corals are a great choice if you want to bring some passion and excitement to your kitchen. The most common color choices in this category include rose, cherry, cinnamon, and paprika.

Painting your kitchen cabinets with this color provides an excellent way to infuse warmth into your kitchen. These colors are also a great choice to make your kitchen a haven for appetite and energy. For a balanced, harmonious look, you should consider pairing corals with other color tones like gray, white, and dark brown.

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