Cabinetry is a necessary element in your home’s interior design. It hides a mess of dishes and cooking utensils in your kitchen, tools in your garage, and first aid equipment in your bathroom, to name a few things. They also add to each room’s decor, but sometimes the best way to ensure this is by customizing cabinet dimensions, colors, and designs. But before delving in, how much do custom cabinets cost? 

Our family-owned and operated Fairmont Kitchen Center has been providing top-quality remodeling results for those in the area for over 45 years. As one of the top kitchen remodelers in Fairmont, WV, we guarantee nothing less, especially when it comes to custom cabinets. Below, we’ll explain how much a cabinet system costs, depending on its location, type, and material makeup.

Where Are You Placing Your Cabinets?

Custom cabinet pricing varies drastically depending on the type. While pantry cabinets (which cost anywhere from $300 to $5,000) and laundry room cabinets (ranging from $250 to $2,000) are the most cost-effective types, kitchen cabinets can cost $13,000 to $30,000. The latter is even more expensive than bathroom cabinetry, spanning $700 to $15,000.

What Level of Customization Are You Planning On?

However, the cost of custom cabinetry depends on numerous factors, including customization levels, from stock to fully custom. For instance, if you choose custom cabinets for your bathroom and stock ones for your kitchen interior, the former may be more expensive, even though kitchen cabinets usually cost twice as much. That’s because cabinet types cause price fluctuations, which we’ll delve more into below.

Stock Cabinets 

Stock cabinetry comes with prefabricated boxes that an expert places in your empty cabinet space, but you must find boxes with similar dimensions. For unique spaces, this proves difficult and you’ll have to close length, width, and height gaps with filler. 

While you have no design freedom with stock cabinets, many choose them because they’re in stock and ready for immediate shipment while proving economical. Stock cabinets cost between $60 and $200 per linear foot, proving the cheapest cabinet type.

Semi-Custom Cabinets

Semi-custom cabinets provide slightly more design freedom. They offer a better door and drawer style selection, including numerous paint and finish alternatives. They have a longer lead time than stock cabinets alongside a higher price range of $100 to $650 per linear foot, but you can speak with a designer to create a personalized experience and product.

Custom Cabinets 

With custom cabinets, you can choose every element of your system, from hardware and exact depth and dimensions to the cabinet hood appearance. Although it will take longer to receive custom cabinets, they always include high-quality construction and a personalized designer experience. But how much do custom cabinets cost? They can cost anywhere from $500 to $1,200 per linear foot, requiring a higher budget. 

Popular Materials That Affect Custom Kitchen Cabinet Expenses

When budgeting for custom cabinets, material makeup also dictates costs. For instance, medium-density fiberboard is a wood-composite material comprising wood chips and other waste products, making it the most eco-friendly cabinet alternative. It’s cheaper than solid wood, about $300 to $400 per linear foot, but its porousness makes this engineered wood hard to paint or stain, creating unevenness in hues.

On the flip side, unlike MDF which scratches and swells easily with water and humidity, white oak is a warp and crack-resistant wood that doesn’t rot. Therefore, it’s one of the most highly durable wood materials with a beautiful beige finish that many choose to top off with a clear finish. However, if you want to paint or stain your cabinets, this solid wood, which costs $400 to $600, is a perfect candidate. 

Other examples of popular materials residents consider when estimating custom cabinet costs include:

  • The dark, rich hue of cherry wood that contains deep grains: $500 to $700 per linear foot
  • Even-grained birch wood that is easy to work with and is dent-resistant: $300 to $400
  • Durable maple cabinets ranging from light to darker honey hues: $300 to $400

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If you’re wondering about the pricing for custom-built cabinets, there are a lot of factors to consider, from materials and finishes to sizes and customization levels. 

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