Have you just moved into a new home and want to transform the kitchen into one more suited to your style? Maybe you’ve been living in your home for years and want to change things up a bit. Whatever the reason, you may be longing for a renovation; we’ll tell you how to plan a kitchen remodel according to your style, needs, and budget. 

The Fairmont Kitchen Center team, the top kitchen remodelers in Fairmont, WV, has over 45 years of experience transforming residential and commercial kitchens and baths in this and surrounding areas. Our family-owned and operated team takes the time to understand trends, materials, and equipment, always bringing you the best. So, trust years of research with our five remodeling steps. 

1. Getting Inspiration 

You need to know a lot more than just, “I need a change,” before you take a hammer to your old, drab counter. Instead, look for design inspiration on Pinterest or Instagram, where you can discover the latest kitchen cabinet color trends. You may find layouts similar to yours that’ll point you in the right direction or kitchens that are nothing like yours but show you what you don’t have and want.

Also, click on designers’ websites, visit showrooms, or hire a professional decorator. They’ll help you determine if you want to put in an island, remove a breakfast nook, change your flooring, or break down walls to open your floor plan. Take pictures and notes of what you like and get a feel for costs so you can set a budget.

2. Creating a Design Around Your Budget 

Unless money is no object, which is rare among homeowners, you’ll undergo budget planning for your renovations. Make a list of necessary renovations and the materials you have in mind, alongside the amount you’re willing to spend, which you’ll divide among labor and material costs. From there, make adjustments to suit your budget and needs. 

The key to knowing how to plan a realistic kitchen remodel budget includes factoring in another 10% of that amount as a cushion for unexpected issues or expenses that arise midway through the project.

3. Hiring the Right Contracting Team

Contractors are in more abundance than the types of construction materials on the market. So, to ensure you pick the right general contractor, ask neighbors, friends, and family for referrals. Once you’ve finished your contractor selection, look into each of them for the following:

  • Licenses and Insurance
  • Awards and certificates
  • Good and bad reviews
  • Areas of expertise 
  • Promises and guarantees 

If you think you’ve found the one, call or meet with a team member to get a feel for their processes, skills, and know-how. You should also clarify deadlines and costs before signing any contract. 

4. Out With the Old and in With the New: Demolitions and New Products

The next step in how to plan a kitchen remodel is double-checking your material selection with your contractors to guarantee they’ll fit in your space. They’ll suggest when to order each item, depending on delivery dates and demolition timeline. 

From there, the demolition process begins. Depending on how much work your contractors must do, the average remodeling job takes three to six weeks but can take longer. Therefore, if you use your kitchen a lot, you may want to plan to stay somewhere else for the project’s duration. 

While loud noises and heavy traffic are normal, demolition should be safe. Professionals should wear hard hats, goggles, construction boots, and gloves. Also, you shouldn’t see exposed wires or nails, splintered wood, leaks, or other potentially dangerous situations. 

5. Setting Up Your New Items

After the demolition, the construction workers begin the remodeling stage by determining where all plumbing and electrical fixtures go. Next, they’ll cover up wiring and pipes behind insulation and drywall before they putty, prime, and paint (or wallpaper) the walls. Then, they’ll put in the flooring, and for those looking for cost-effective options, it’s worth exploring inexpensive kitchen flooring, before starting to install shelves and cabinets from top to bottom.

Finally, before adding sinks, faucets, and light fixtures, they’ll complete the countertop and island builds. A backsplash completes the look. From there, start introducing your own appliances and enjoying your new creation. 

Your One Stop To Award-Winning Style!

With the value added by a kitchen remodel to your home, you’ll raise property costs. You’ll also transform your kitchen into an elegant, usable oasis for cooking and entertaining guests. 

So, when you’re looking for an affordable design team that doesn’t jeopardize quality, call Fairmont Kitchen Center at (304) 362-7033. We’ll explain how to plan a kitchen remodel, discuss tips for keeping your kitchen clean during a remodel, and provide a quote today!